Making It Easy to Find Your Best Band

This summer (2021) I got married. It was an awesome experience and something I'll charish forever. And like most things I do in my life, I am always on the lookout for opportunity.

And one thing that I discovered was that the mens wedding band industry is seriously lacking in content. Womens wedding bands get whole magazines, dedicated blogs, instagram pages, and more! And rightfully so, they are our better halfs :)

But for men, a wedding band can oftentimes be somewhat of an afterthought. Typically it's one of the last things you do after the planning, taste tests, guest lists, picking your registry items, getting invitations out, the list of items goes on. Then a month or two before the wedding you might think, hey I need a wedding band...

A changing man

But in today's age, men should demand more from their band. Gone should be the days of resorting to a plain silver ring just because you don't want to spend the time or money shopping. So Mans Best Band was born. It's still an infant, so give it time to develop. But in the end MBB aims to be a go-to resource for men, helping them to find their best band - no matter your style or budget.

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