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5 Reasons To Consider Black Diamonds In Your Wedding Band

Are you in the market for a wedding band that is stylish, sophisticated, and unique? If so, you may want to consider a black diamond wedding band.

Black Sapphire Vs Black Diamond

Black Diamonds vs black sapphires. Learn the differences, similarities and characteristics of each.

Black Zirconium Vs Titanium

Trying to choose between a black zirconium and tungsten ring? Both are lovely metals that would make excellent wedding bands. In this guide, we'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each metal.

Black Zirconium Vs Tungsten

Deciding between Zirconium and Tungsten? Both are beautiful metals that make for a great wedding band material. Discover the pros and cons to each in this comprehensive guide!

Cobalt Chrome Vs Platinum And White Gold

Trying to choose between cobalt chrome, platinum, or white gold? All are similar looking, beautiful metals but have some key differences. FInd out how they compare in this guide!

How Thick Should A Mens Wedding Band Be

Discover everything you need to know about mens wedding band widths and thickness.

Larson Jewelers Review

A review of the increasingly popular Larson Jewelers. Discover whether this company is the real deal or something to avoid!

Tantalum Vs Platinum

Deciding between Tantalum or Platinum? Both are stunning metals that make fot an excellent wedding band. In this detailed overview, learn about each's advantages and disadvantages!

Tantalum Vs Titanium

Deciding between a Tantalum or Titanium ring? On the outside these metals may look the same, but they actually hold many different properties. In this guide we'll cover the pro's and con's between these two metals so that you can decide which is best for you.