Everything You Need to Know About Black Diamonds and Sapphires

Diamonds and Sapphires are two of the most popular gems in the jewelry world. For as long as they've been in existence, white diamonds and blue sapphires have been the most popular choice in color for these gemstones.

However, what many people don't know is that these two rocks can come in many different colors. One of these colors, black, is rising fast in popularity. Especially in the men's luxury jewelry market.

Black diamonds and sapphires are luxurious gems that provide a "manlier" look than most gems. Making it a popular choice amongst men who want some "bling" in their jewelry cabinet.

In this article, we'll discuss the differences and similarities between black diamonds and black sapphires including how they're formed, how they look, and their price points.

Formation and Rarity

How are Black Diamonds Formed?

Black Diamonds are made just like any other diamond with one exception. Like other diamonds, they are formed deep within the earth’s crust under intense heat and pressure. Inside the earth carbon atoms get squeezed together to form a diamond. Black Diamonds are the result of a variety of flaws, most often graphite inclusions that are pitch black. If there are enough of these inclusions, it makes the whole crystal black.

Are Black Diamonds Rare?

Surprisingly, black diamonds are more rare than colorless/white diamonds! They are only found in a few parts of the world typically. However, because black diamonds have much less demand compared to colorless diamonds, they will typically be slightly cheaper than the average colorless diamond.

How are Black Sapphires Formed?

Similar to black diamonds, black sapphires get their color from the impurities that are present during their formation which takes place within the earth's surface over thousands of years. Rocks in which sapphires can be found include granite, schist, gneiss, nephaline syenite and a variety of others.

Are Black Sapphires Rare?

Black sapphires are not quite as rare as black diamonds. They can be mined in much larger quanities and are oftentimes considered low-grade. This makes them significantly cheaper than the traditional sapphire.

However, black sapphires still offer a stunning look. Making them a great option for those looking for a black gemstone on a budget.

Looks and Price

Do Black Diamonds and Black Sapphires Look Different?

To the naked eye, most black diamonds and black sapphires will be nearly indistinguishable. Especially in smaller carat weights. In general, black sapphires tend to be "more black" than diamonds. And you will find black diamond colors ranging from faint gray to solid black. Whereas you won't see as many sapphires gray in color.

Which is Cheaper?

Although these two gemstones can look very similar, black diamonds are MUCH more expensive. Here is the price breakdown:

Black Diamond Average Price

$3,000 per Carat

Black Sapphire Average Price

$50 per Carat

As you can see, Black Diamonds can be up to 60x more expensive than Black Sapphires. This is largely due to supply and demand. With Black Sapphires having more supply and less demand.

Best Places to Buy

Black Sapphire Rings

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Black Diamond Rings

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Other Things To Consider


Diamonds are the most durable gemstone in the world. But..sapphires are the second most durable! Not many people realize the hardiness that sapphires hold. Due to their impurities, black sapphires and diamonds will actually not be as durable as their pure counterparts. Nevertheless, these two gemstones are extremely durable. Most likely, the decision between these two stones should not come down to which one is more durable - because they both would receive an A+ in that category.


Other than price, the reputation of each of these gems will most likely be the deciding factor for choosing one over the other. Simply put, diamonds will always win the "street cred" game. They're the most sought-after gem in the world and are more desirable typically. Making their more luxurious reputation a big reason to choose a black diamond over a black sapphire.

Easier to choose

If you've ever shopped for a diamond, then you've heard about the 4 C's - Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. With black diamonds, clarity is not really a factor. All black diamonds will have very low clarity. The same goes for Color. They will all be very close to black typically. This makes the buying process much simpler because you only have to decide how you want the gem cut and how big you want it!

Closing Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, black jewelry is trending upward. Black stones provide a modern, unique look that can provide a nice switch up from many classic gemstones. Due to this, we highly recommend adding a black gemstone to your jewelry style! As for deciding which black gemstone to purchase, the biggest deciding factors will be price and reputation. If you're wanting to save some money and aren't 100% set on a diamond, then black sapphires are the way to go! But if you're having a tough time parting ways with the thought of a diamond, then the black diamond will never be a bad choice.


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