Larson Jewelers Review

Larson Jewelers is becoming an increasingly popular online store offering a wide selection of men's and womens wedding rings. They have become popular due to their large variety of styles along with very affordable pricing.

With the lack of physical stores and large marketing budgets, Larson Jewelers doesn't have the reach that many of the main stays in the industry have.

And so you may have been doing some online shopping, stumbled upon this website with intriguing prices and wondered, is Larson Jewelers legit?

This is a fair question! And I wondered the same.

I had the chance to order a wedding band from the company, and wanted to write a review about the experience, craftmanship quality, and overall thoughts. I hope this review helps you in your purchase decision!


Larson Jewelers has one of the largest selections of styles in the industry. They specialize a bit more towards men's wedding bands - at the time of writing this article - they currently offer over 2,000 ring options for men! But they also offer a variety of designs for women.

There selection ranges from simple solid color rings, all the way to unique opal and multi-colored metals.

Their selection can be a downside at times, with such a large variety making it more difficult to navigate the site - and also raising the question: With this many rings, how can they maintain a high-level of quality?

They do this because of the partnership they have with various manufacturers. Larson Jewelers does not make their own rings, but is rather a curated selection of rings from multiple different manufacturers.

You may even run across some of their rings on other sites due to this.

Larson Jewelers aims to be a "one stop shop" for wedding bands. And because of their massive selection, they indeed are.

Why is Larson Jewelers so cheap?

One of the biggest upsides to Larson Jewelers is their affordability. You may even be prone to thinking they are questionably cheap! Many of the rings Larson Jewelers offers are under $200. But they are able to provide such low prices due to two primary reasons.

1. Their manufacturers are producing many of these rings at a large scale, offering them to multiple retailers, which keeps costs low.

2. They focus primarily on less expensive materials such as tungsten, titanium and ceramic. Their selection of precious metal rings is much smaller than that of other alternative metals.

Because of these two reasons, Larson Jewelers is able to provide some of the most affordable wedding bands on the market. For a non-precious metal ring, you can expect to pay anwhere between $150-$500 at Larson Jewelers.

But...are they good quality?


Larson Jewelers has a 4.6/5 rating out of over 500 google reviews. However, I can only speak to my own experience with the company.

And my experience with the company was very good. From purchase to showing up in the mail, the ring took about 4.5 days to arrive. It came in a simple box. The ring itself looked and felt very high-quality, even though I only paid just over $200 for it!

I bought a Tungsten ring. Tungsten has a bit heavier of a weight to it which I prefer. And this ring from Larson Jewelers was just right.

Fast forward 6 months, and the ring is still going strong. No scratches or dings, and still looks as polished as the day it arrived.

All in all, from my own experience I'd give Larson Jewelers a 5/5! You won't find the fanciest high-quality materials. But for the price, Larson Jewelers is well worth it in my opinion!

larson jewelers review

Customer Service

In my experience with the company, I luckily didn't need to utilize customer service. But their policies are as follows:


Larson jewelers allows returns within the first 30 days for a full refund, exchange, or store credit. Items must be in un-used condition.


Aside from the return policy, Larson Jewelers also offers warranties through their manufacturers. Each manufacturer offers slightly different warranties covering manufacturing defects and other problems. You can view each warranty policy here.

Ring Sizing

Larson Jewelers offers free ring sizers along with offering easy size exchanges if your ring doesn't fit!

Does Larson Jewelers have locations?

Yes! But only 1..Larson Jewelers has one small showroom located in Long Beach, CA. It's a very small showroom by appointment only. Given their easy return policy, I wouldn't put too much trouble into visiting the showroom. Just try a ring and if you don't like it return it!


Overall, Larson Jewelers is a fantastic option for those looking for an affordable alternative metal wedding band. They offer a diverse selection along with the peace of mind of a quality return/exchange policy.

I'd like to see more customer photos and user photos on the site. All the product images are just stock photos that don't really provide the level of detail I'd prefer. But they have a solid amount of reviews overall - and good ones at that.

I'd highly recommend Larson Jewelers from my experience. So if you've seen a ring that you like from them - go for it!