The Best Rose Gold and Black Wedding Bands for Men

If you're looking for a wedding band that is black and rose gold, you've come to the right place. Man's Best Band is all about helping you find the very best band. So we 've scoured the internet so that we can bring you only the best of each style and budget.

See all our top rose gold and black picks below:

Top Picks Overall

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Our Favorite Pick

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 6mm or 7mm

Price: $1,350

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Our Best Budget Pick

Metal: Titanium

Width: 6mm or 8mm

Price: $229.99

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Our Top Unique Pick

Metal: Black Zirconium

Width: 8mm

Price: $1,675

All Black and Gold Wedding Rings for Men

Black Wedding Band with Rose Gold Stripe

Metal: Black Tungsten

Width: 8mm

Price: $309

This ring is made from beautiful tungsten carbide and features one off-centered rose gold stripe. It's a simple, and timeless ring.

Two-Toned Black and Rose Wedding Band

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 8mm

Price: $395

We love the look of this band. It's two-toned color is a great look. The tungsten and rose gold is brushed which is a nice touch!

Rose Gold and Black Ring with Wood Inlay

Metal: Black Zirconium

Width: 8mm

Price: $1,675

If you are looking for a vintage, yet modern ring then this is a great choice! The ring features a wood inlay that gives this modern band a classy vibe.

Cheap Black Wedding Band with Rose Gold

Metal: Black Ceramic

Width: 4-10mm

Price: $199

This is one of our favorite budget-friendly rings on this list. It's made from black ceramic, which is the main reason why this ring is on the cheaper side. But it doesn't look much different than any other metal. And we love that it comes in many different widths to ensure it will look good on all hands.

Black Tantalum and Rose Gold Wedding Band

Metal: Tantalum

Width: 8mm

Price: $399

This is another cool band. It features a very thin stripe of rose gold down the middle. We also really like the checkered grey inlay in this ring. It is important to note though, that tantalum cannot be resized.

Black Wedding Band with Rose Gold Edges

Metal: Black Zirconium

Width: 8mm

Price: $2,395

This ring has it all. Black Diamonds, Rose Gold edges, and black zirconium. It's certainly a stunner. We love this ring and think you will too!

Stepped Edge Rose Gold Ring

Metal: Tantalum

Width: 6.5mm

Price: $990

This is a flat ring with slightly stepped edges. The ring is rose gold with a black center and overall has a very minimalistic look.

Ring with Rose Gold Braid

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 8mm

Price: $349

This band features a unique brushed gold braid down the center. The braid is bushed with rose gold, which makes it more cost-effective. And you wouldn't ever know that it's not a whole chain of rose gold. Overall, this is a great pick if you're looking for something a bit more unique!

Unique Black and Rose Mens Wedding Band with Diamonds

Metal: Gold

Width: 9mm

Price: $2,640

This is one of the coolest rings on this list. It features all sorts of gold, diamonds, and even cool bolt things. It's a ring like no other. It's expensive, but you certainly get what you pay for.

Rose Gold With Black Mens Band

Metal: Rose Gold

Width: 5.5mm

Price: $1,150

This band is mostly rose gold with just a touch of black on the side. Which is pretty much the opposite of how most black and rose gold bands are set. So we really like this option if you're looking for the rose gold to be the prominent material in your band.

Where to Find Black and Gold Wedding Bands for Men

If you're looking for a rose gold and black mens wedding ring, these are the best places to check out:

We think Blue Nile has the best overall selection of black and rose gold mens wedding bands. They offer a variety of styles, ring materials, and budget options. Their styles are all somewhat modern and minimalistic - which depending on your style, could be good or bad. But overall they have a great selection and are a very reputable company. is another great option. A lot of their bands that are two-toned with black and rose are on the fancier side. But they have a great selection and make some real quality rings.

Lastly, Larson Jewelers is your best place to find a budget-friendly black and rose gold band. They make a lot of their bands with more economical materials like Tungsten and Ceramic. As well as use a lot of brushed gold as opposed to complete gold. They still offer really great quality and will be for the most part, under $400.