Best Mens Emerald Wedding Bands

Looking for a wedding band with emerald? With diamonds getting all the attention in the wedding band market, emeralds can get underappreciated. But emerald is a stunning gemstone that makes for a great wedding band. So we've gone and compiled a list of the best men's emerald wedding rings we could find along with the top websites where you can find an emerald wedding band. Here is our list:


Rings Under $500

Top Choices For A Mens Emerald Wedding Band

ICARUS Brushed Tungsten Men’s Wedding Ring With 3 Emeralds

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 8mm

Price: $369.99

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For someone who wants a subtle amount of green in their band, this ring is perfect. A classic silver finish with 3 small round emeralds makes for a great-looking band.

Mens Gold Emerald Wedding Band

Metal: Gold

Width: 5mm but customizable

Price: $1,240

This handmade gold ring features a thin emerald inlay that looks classic, yet modern. Not too showy but just showy enough!

HADAR - Black And Green Ring with Green Emerald Setting

Metal: Black Ceramic

Width: 8mm

Price: $249.99

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This highly polished bevel edged ring is set with a stunning 2.5 mm wide created green emerald inlaid with captivating black and green carbon fiber.

Crushed Emerald Wedding Band

Metal: Ceramic

Width: 8mm

Price: $719

This crushed emerald ring gives off a white finish with green intermixed. We love the look of this band!

Beveled 3 Emerald Stone Mens Wedding Band

Metal: White Gold

Width: 8mm

Price: $2,345

This simple, yet modern white gold band features 3 beautiful emeralds. This ring also comes in yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.

Mens Black Wedding Band with Quarter Round Emerald

Metal: Black Gold

Width: 7mm

Price: $2,965

The combination of Black Gold and Emeralds makes this Men's Emerald Wedding Band look awesome.

Mens Black Wedding Band with Emerald

Metal: Black Gold

Width: 7mm

Price: $5,703

Same as the ring above, but with emeralds covering the entire ring. It has an even more stunning look but with a bigger price tag.

ASPEN Tungsten Carbide Ring with Green Emerald

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 8mm

Price: $319.99

This band features an elegant 2.5mm wide round cut Green Emerald that really makes this ring pop.

Gypsy Set Square Emerald Solitaire Wedding Band for Men

Metal: White Gold

Width: 6mm

Price: $1,169

This band features a simple white gold band highlighted by a singular square emerald gemstone.

Mens Platinum Wedding Band with Emerald

Metal: Platinum

Width: 6mm but customizable

Price: $1,749

This sweet-looking emerald men's ring will look great on any hand.

Comfort Fit Mens Gemstone Band

Metal: White Gold

Width: 6.5mm

Price: $2,695

This ring is classic all around. Featuring a classic white gold band with a classic cut emerald gem as the centerpiece. We love everything about this mens emerald wedding ring.

Best Men's Wedding Band With Emerald Under $1,000

PULSAR - Emerald Green & Sapphire Blue Ring with Opal Inlay

Metal: Black Ceramic

Width: 6 or 8mm

Price: $209.99

This wedding band features an emerald green and sapphire opal inlay. So it doesn't contain real Emerald - but this means you will get the look of curshed emerald without the cost!

Emerald Green Mens Wedding Band

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 6mm, 8mm

Price: $115

This handmade green wedding band is made from Tungsten and Emerald Stone. It's available in 6mm and 8mm widths.

Mens Tungsten Wedding Band with Emerald Inlay

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 6mm, 8mm

Price: $115.80

This handmade ring from Etsy is made from Tungsten and features a beautiful emerald inlay that gives the ring a vintage and classic look.

Mens Titanium Wedding Band with Emerald Stone

Metal: Titanium

Width: Any

Price: $252.00

This handmade ring features raw emerald stone, giving it a less polished, more rugged look. We love this emerald ring due to its softer green color.

Mens Titanium Wedding Band with Emerald Stone

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 8mm

Price: $155.31

This modern-looking mens wedding band with emerald features a half black, half silver band with a small .10 ct emerald in the center. It's a stylish, yet timeless look that anyone should love!

Mens Princess Cut Emerald Tungsten Ring

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 8mm

Price: $119+

We love the look of this princess cut emerald combined with a gunmetal colored tungsten. It makes for a great-looking band. Best of all, you can tailor the size of emerald to your liking.

Best Places to Find Emerald Wedding Bands for Men

Emerald mens rings can be tough to come by. When shopping in-store, specialty jewelers are the best place to look. Some local farmers' markets or jewelry fairs might also be somewhere to look. But when looking online, Etsy is one of the best resources. They have many handcrafted, specialty jewelry makers that make some really great pieces. You can also oftentimes get a little bit more bang for your buck on Etsy. The only downside is that oftentimes orders are made as they come in. So it may take weeks or even months to receive your ring.

Here are some other great places to look online for emerald wedding bands:

What are the benefits of wearing emerald stone?

Emerald is one of the most beautiful and impressive gemstones found on Earth. It's also the birthstone for anyone born in May. But what many people do not know is that it holds a great significance in western astrology, and is believed to bring certain healing properties to wearers of the stone.

In western astrology culture, it is believed that wearers of emerald can improve creativity and understanding. It can help someone think clearly, and even raise one's intellectual power.

Emerald has also been thought to grant faithfulness to its wearer, and promote a better understanding of true love.

Whether these astrological benefits are real, or just placebo, Emerald is undoubtedly a beautiful stone that regardless of special powers, will make you feel good due to its beauty.