Best Mens Green Wedding Bands

Looking for a green wedding band? In a sea of silver and gold, more unique colored wedding bands can be tough to find. But we've done the tough work for you and have compiled a list of the best men's green wedding bands. We've also listed the top websites that offer a good selection of green-colored bands. Here is our list:


Metal: Titanium and Malachite

Width: 8mm

Price: $585

We love this band, which is why it's #1 on the list. The green in this band comes from the mineral malachite. Which is surrounded by two layers of sleek titanium. Then the inner is made from wood. Overall, a real sleek-looking green band!

Green Tungsten Mens Wedding Band

Metal: Tungsten Carbide

Width: 8mm

Price: $259.99

Extremely rare and rich Emerald Green Carbon Fiber is inlaid into this brilliant and distinctive Tungsten Carbide wedding band by Thorsten.

IRVING Beveled Black Ceramic Ring With Textured Green Inlay

Metal: Tungsten Carbide

Width: 8mm

Price: $149.99

This band has the look of Black Tungsten but is actually a unique blend of black ceramic with a beautifully textured green inlay.


Metal: Damascus Steel

Width: 8mm

Price: $850

This band has a modern sleek satin black outer with a deep green inner. A very sleek combo we must say!

Green Ash Wood Ring With Carbon Fiber Inside

Metal: Wood with Carbon Fiber

Width: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, or 10mm

Price: $90.27

This is one of our favorite wedding bands on this list. It is made with wood and has a very unique green color not seen in a lot of rings.


Metal: Tungsten, Meteorite, and Elder

Width: 8mm

Price: $549

This band is a 5 layer band of coolness. Featuring a meteorite center and two 1mm layers of green elder, this ring is plain awesome.

ICARUS Brushed Tungsten Men’s Wedding Ring With 3 Emeralds

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 8mm

Price: $369.99

For someone who wants a subtle amount of green in their band, this ring is perfect. A classic silver finish with 3 small round emeralds makes for a great-looking band.

14K Yellow Gold Wedding Ring With Emerald Green And Sapphire Blue Opal Inlay

Metal: Gold

Width: 8mm

Price: $1,529

This is a mesmerizing blue opal inlay wedding band. Eye-catching green and blue opal are inlaid into the center of a 14K yellow gold wedding band with beveled polished edges.


Metal: Black Zirconium

Width: 8mm

Price: $995

This is ring is mesmerizing, and unique and The Joker. Prankster, Maniacal Clown, or just a cool dude? Yeah, then this ring could be for you.


Metal: Rose Gold

Width: 8mm

Price: $2174.99

This classic rose gold band has a green carbon fiber inlay that looks classic and modern at the same time.

Emerald Green ring

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 6mm, 8mm

Price: $115

This handmade green wedding band is made from Tungsten and Emerald Stone. It's available in 6mm and 8mm widths..


Metal: Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone

Width: 8mm

Price: $969

Man this ring is cool. Dinosaur bone? Meteorite? Not only does this band look amazing, but it's also made from some really cool materials.

ASPEN Tungsten Carbide Ring

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 8mm

Price: $319

This band features an elegant 2.5mm wide round cut Green Emerald that really makes this ring pop.

PATRICK Tungsten Wedding Band With Green Goldstone Inlay

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 8mm

Price: $299.99

Goldstone is a man-made glass gem that’s filled with metallic copper. It gives this band a modern but classic look that will stand the test of time.

Grey and Green Men's Wedding Band

Metal: Meteorite

Width: 7mm

Price: $875

We love the dark grey color of this ring. Inlayed with green elder wood, this ring has a very classic and timeless look that we love.

Gypsy Set Square Emerald Solitaire Wedding Band for Men

Metal: White Gold

Width: 6mm

Price: $1,232+

This band features a simple white gold band highlighted by a singular square emerald gemstone.

Green and Black Mens Wedding Bands


Metal: Ceramic

Width: 8mm

Price: $229

This band features a green elder inner surrounded by black ceramic. We love the deep green color of this ring!

Mens Wedding Band Green

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm

Price: $118.17

This modern-looking band combines black and silver tungsten with a vibrant green inner.

ATILUS Beveled Black & Green Carbon Ceramic Wedding Band

Metal: Carbon Ceramic

Width: 6mm, 8mm

Price: $159.99

This class but modern wedding band has a deep green accent color throughout that really makes this ring stand out. And it's made from black ceramic, which does not scratch or lose its color like black tungsten does.

MATLAL Beveled Black Ceramic Ring With Emerald Green

Metal: Carbon Ceramic

Width: 8mm

Price: $179.99

This green and black wedding band features a checkered green inlay that looks awesome!

Mens Green and Black Ring

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm

Price: $135.30

This modern black and green mens band will look great on anyone's hand!

Best Places to Find Green Wedding Bands for Men

Green wedding bands can come in many different shades and styles. After scouring the web, we think these are the best places to find green wedding rings for men: