Mens Tree Wedding Bands

Are you a nature lover? Or want a ring that represents the tree of life? We've got you covered! We've scoured the web for the best nature rings on the market to bring you a curated list of only the best bands. We've divided this list into two sections: Bands with trees & Tree of life wedding bands.

Bands with Trees

Tree of Life Bands

Best Rings with Trees

For the nature lover, someone who is one with nature and all it's elements.

Titanium Wedding Band with Trees

Metal: Titanium

Width: 10mm

Price: $575

This titanium ring is everything you want in a tree band. The trees are rad. Mountains majestic. And the texture of the band sorta looks like the dirt of the earth.

Mens Forrest Wedding Band

Metal: Titanium

Width: 6.5mm

Price: $299

The picturesque tree line on this rustic and eye-catching men's engraved wedding band adds a personal touch for the outside explorer. It's lightweight and a nice width at 6.5mm.

Tree Band with Wood Inlay

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 6mm

Price: $77

This custom band available on Etsy features a gunmetal tungesten in which the trees are etched. It's a striking band made for a striking man one might say.

Mens Cobalt Chrome Tree Wedding Band

Metal: Cobalt Chrome

Width: 7mm

Price: $1,175

This is a classic forrest band. We love the contrast between the black trees and colbalt chrome. Because the ring is made from cobalt chrome, it will be on the more expensive side, but you'll get a striking looking band that will stand through all your forrest adventures.

14k Rose Gold Tree Band with Black Diamonds

Metal: 14K Rose Gold

Width: 8mm

Price: $5,306

Although it's the most expensive ring on this list, it is by far the coolest in our opinion. The 14K gold combined with black diamond is extremely unique and makes for a killer look! We love this ring because you won't find anything like it.

Mens Pine Tree Wedding Band

Metal: Cobalt Chrome

Width: 8mm

Price: $400

Another classic band, this one comes with either a cobalt chrome or wood inlay, as well as a choice between a satin or polished finish.

Fir Tree and Mountains Wedding Band

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 6,8, or 10mm

Price: $266

This tree ring with tungsten has a flat edge finish which we really like. We also love the detail in this ring! It's a handmade band that comes in multiple widths.

Tungsten Ring with Trees

Metal: Tungsten

Width: 6,8, or 10mm

Price: $266

Another highly unique nature band, this ring features a very unique finished tungsten. It's another flat edge finish and comes in multiple widths! If you are looking for something unique than this could be the one for you!

Rose Gold Wedding Band with Trees

Metal: Rose Gold Plated Tungsten

Width: 8mm

Price: $129+

This beautiful tree ring is made from a rose gold plated tungsten. So you get the look of rose gold without the price! It features beautiful, yet subtle, pine trees.

Tantalum Wedding Band with Trees

Metal: Tantalum

Width: 8mm

Price: $599+

Tantalum is such a great colored metal. It's modern, and looks great on any hand. This band features a textured tantulum that looks earthy, just like the tree pattern is holds etched into the metal.

Tree of Life Wedding Bands

The Tree of Life has many different meanings. It can represent personal growth. As we progress through life, we become stronger, yearning for greater knowledge, wisdom, and new experiences, much as the branches of a tree strengthen and extend higher to the sky.

For Buddhists the tree of life is a symbol of the tree under which Buddha received enlightenment.

As such, the tree of life can represent understanding, wisdom, enlightenment, and in marriage, the vows you make with your partner - and the strength of your relationship growing stronger as the years pass on.

If you want your wedding band to represent this (or simply like trees!), then here are the best tree of life wedding bands:

Cobalt Chrome Tree Of Life Wedding Band

Metal: Cobalt Chrome

Width: 7mm

Price: $850

They call this ring "The Jerimiah". The traditional 9-5 life is too boring for you. Show you'll never be tamed with this wild yet snazzy ring. And we agree - this ring should not be tamed.

Black Tree Of Life Wedding Band

Metal: Cobalt Chrome

Width: 5-9mm

Price: $420

This band features the celtic tree design over top a Black Cerakote Background. It's a strong looking ring built for a strong man, and strong relationship ;)

Platinum Tree Of Life Wedding Band

Metal: Platinum

Width: 4-12mm

Price: $1,440 specializes in celtic tree designs. This ring is one of their many beautiful bands. It comes in Platinum (our personal favorite) or white, yellow, and even green gold.

Cobalt Chrome Celtic Wedding Band

Metal: Cobalt Chrome

Width: 7mm

Price: $499

This band is similar to the etsy band above. But features cobalt chrome all throughout. It's a slick looking ring that is will be a classic for years to come.

Gold Celtic Wedding Band

Metal: Gold or Platinum

Width: 7.5mm

Price: $900

Another fan favorite tree of life ring. This band comes from James Allen, a very reputable source for gold and platinum wedding bands.

Best Affordable Tree Ring

Metal: Sterling Silver

Width: 5mm

Price: $29

For someone on a budget, this band is a great option. Although it's under $50, it does not look cheap! The ring is detailed and we really like the look of depth in the branches.

Where To Find A Wedding Band with Trees

Here are our best places to find a tree inspired wedding ring:

By far the best place to look is Etsy has a ton of reputable ring makers who will make custom bands. It's a great place to find more uniquely designed rings not often provided by the big box retailers.

You can also get some tree inspired bands at one of our favorite online retailers, They have very modern, minimilistic designs that will stand the test of time from a quality and design standpoint.

Surprisingly, you can get some great nature inspired wedding bands at helzberg diamonds. Not traditionally known for unique wedding bands, they have some quality options online.